BAWAG Group reports net profit of € 61 Mio., or € 0.69 per share

BAWAG Group today released its first quarter 2020 results, reporting a net profit of € 61 million, earnings per share of € 0.69 and a RoTCE of 9.1%. Normalizing for the front-loaded regulatory charges, net profit was € 81 million with an RoTCE of 11.9%.

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Managing Board waives 2019 & 2020 bonuses

The Managing Board of BAWAG Group today announced that it has voluntarily waived any potential bonuses for 2020, in addition to having already waived their bonuses for 2019.

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BAWAG P.S.K. is the main operating subsidiary of BAWAG Group AG and one of Austria’s largest, most profitable and best capitalized banks with a well-recognized national brand. 

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easybank was founded as the first digital bank in Austria and is currently a brand of BAWAG P.S.K., offering a comprehensive product portfolio ranging from current accounts and savings products to credit cards, consumer and housing loans, auto leases, security products and investment funds.

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Südwestbank is a Stuttgart-based medium-sized regional bank and serves more than 90,000 retail and business customers in Baden-Württemberg. The bank provides an individualized and needs-oriented range of products and a high level of advisory quality.

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start:bausparkasse is the fourth largest Austrian savings and loan association in Austria. It currently serves approximately 500,000 customers.

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