About BAWAG Group


About BAWAG Group

BAWAG Group AG is a publicly listed holding company headquartered in Vienna, Austria, serving 2.1 million retail, small business, corporate, real estate and public sector customers across Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Western Europe, and the United States. The Group operates under various brands and offers simple, transparent, and affordable financial products and services across multiple channels.

€ 683 million

Net profit





€ 8.31


2.1 million


72% assets

DACH/NL region

Full-year 2023


Our three strategic pillars are:

Growth in core markets focused on serving our customers

  • Our core markets are Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands (DACH/NL region), Western Europe and the United States
  • Focus on organic growth, M&A and minority investments
  • Invest in platforms and partnerships to drive growth across the Group
  • Pursue earnings-accretive M&A meeting our Group RoTCE target of at least 20%

Drive efficiency through operational excellence

  • Focus on the things we control through “self-help” management
  • Simplify, standardize and automate product and service offerings across all channels
  • Create simple end-to-end processing across the Group
  • Continuously optimize our processes, footprint and technology infrastructure
  • Continuous simplification of Group structure
  • Embrace various forms of technological change and invest judiciously in technology
  • Foster a meritocratic culture that promotes employees based on merit and character

Maintaining a safe and  secure risk profile

  • Maintaining strong capital position, stable customer funding, conservative underwriting and a low risk appetite
  • Focus on mature, developed and sustainable markets
  • Applying disciplined underwriting in markets we understand with a focus on secured lending and risk-adjusted returns
  • Maintaining fortress balance sheet
  • Proactively manage and mitigate non-financial risk

Mergers and Acquisitions 

< 34%

Target CIR


Target CET1

1 (Austria) + 6

Core Markets

> 20%

Target RoTCE

~25-30 bps

Risk costs underlying (outlook 2024)

Our Businesses

Retail & SME

BAWAG Group’s customer focus underpins the Retail & SME strategy by working to make the lives of our customers easier and more manageable as it relates to their financial affairs. This entails:

  • providing customers with an entire range of products and services when and where they want, 
  • providing easy-to-use and easy-to-understand financial products at a fair price,
  • leveraging new and existing technologies to simplify processes and reduce complexity,
  • focusing on high-touch and high-quality advisory across a modernized branch network as well as
  • establishing new retail partnerships and leveraging lending platforms in acquiring new customers.


Corporates, Real Estate & Public Sector

The Corporates, Real Estate & Public Sector segment focuses on domestic and international lending, deposits and payment services. Across the segment, we focus on risk-adjusted returns and conservative underwriting.

Our regional focus in the Corporates and Real Estate business is on the Austrian and German market as well as developed and mature markets in Western Europe and the United States. We primarily target senior secured lending to strong sponsors on cash flow generating companies and assets.

In the Public Sector business, our focus is on sovereigns, federal state, municipalities and public sector entities in Austria, Germany and Western Europe.

Our Brands and Channels

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