Our ESG approach

Our ESG approach

Doing business sustainably is the key to long term success of all of our stakeholders. Therefore, the sustainable value creation is at the core of our decision-making and how we steer the Bank. We do not pursue a separate ESG strategy, as we view it as an integral part of our overall business strategy and this is also aligned on how we have embedded ESG across the organization.


CSR Report 2022

CSR Mission Statement

"Success and value creation are goals for every company. But for BAWAG Group, success does not mean doing business at the expense of an intact, peaceful and livable world. With this in mind, we have developed an ethical framework that supports and guides us in pursuing our business strategies. This is how we embody and uphold our committment to corporate social responsibility. CSR is not just about moral and ecological responsibility, but also about doing business in a modern, intelligent and sustainable way."

Our 2025 ESG targets are as follows:

> 50% CO2 emissions
(scope 1 & 2)

Reducing our CO2 footprint compliments our strategy to reduce complexitiy & drive efficiency

33% female

Growing a diverse and inclusive Supervisory Board & Senior Leadership Team with increased female representation

> € 1.6 billion
green lending

Increasing green lending (new business) as we focus on long-term solutions to address long-term climate risks


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Green Finance Framework 2023

Second-Party Opinion 2023

Impact Reporting 2023

Green Finance Report 2022

Impact Reporting 2022

Green Finance Report 2021

Corporate Governance Presentation

Remuneration Report 2022

Corporate Governance Reports

Code of Conduct

Remuneration policy for the Members of the Management Board

Remuneration policy for the Members of the Supervisory Board

Remuneration Report 2020

Remuneration Report 20211)2) 

1) Management Board remuneration: During 2020, there has been a shift from “other” to “fixed salaries”. Therefore a year-over-year comparison would only be representative when considering all parts of the fixed remuneration for both years.
2) “Shareholding guidelines for Management Board members”: There is a minimum regulatory retention period of 1 year following vesting, which applies in respect to any shares granted as remuneration. Furthermore, BAWAG’s internal rules provide for the Management Board to hold at least 50% of their LTIP shares until the end of their tenor.

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