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General share information

BAWAG Group AG has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 25 October 2017.



Vienna Stock Exchange






Share indices 

The BAWAG Group share is included in a broad range of indices: On the Vienna Stock Exchange, it is part of the ATX and ATX Prime.  In addition, it is included in several international indices, such as Euro Stoxx Banks, Stoxx Europe 600, FTSE and MSCI indices.  

Number of shares 

All BAWAG Group shares are common shares with each share representing one voting right. Following the execution of buybacks over the years, the number of shares decreased to 78,600,000.


Development of number of shares:

EventDateChangeNumber of shares
Share capital IPOOctober 25, 2017 100,000,000
Capital reduction following share buybackDecember 4, 2019- 10,857,76389,142,237
Capital reduction following share buybackDecember 6, 2022- 6,642,23782,500,000
Capital reduction following share buybackDecember 18, 2023-3,900,00078,600,000


Shareholder structure 


Major shareholders according to regulatory threshold are as follow (including, as the case may be, financial/other instruments):

ShareholderHoldingThreshold crossed on
T. Rowe Price6.1%December 06, 2019
Blackrock5.4%April 02, 2024
Wellington5.0%March 27, 2024
Norges Bank4.3%December 13, 2023
BAWAG Senior Leadership Team (Management Board: 3.8%)4.4% 

How to notify BAWAG Group: 

BAWAG Group has not set any additional thresholds, therefore the regulatory thresholds apply for major sholding notifications. We kindly request any shareholder obliged to inform BAWAG Group about changes in their voting rights to contact us via e-mail (  

All major shareholder notifications are available here.

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