Capital distribution


Capital distribution

Maintaining a strong capital base with a conservative buffer above regulatory requirements is a strategic priority for BAWAG Group. At the same time, we want to offer a sustainable and balanced return to our shareholders. 

Our capital management framework


We target a dividend payout of 55% of net profit, barring unforeseen circumstances. Dividends will be distributed annually after the Annual General Meeting in line with the respective shareholders’ resolution. Dividend distributions will comply with regulatory and/or corporate law restrictions and take into account recommendations made by a competent regulatory authority.

Excess capital

Excess capital is used for organic growth, M&A, minority and/or platform investments.

Excess capital

Any additional capital will be allocated to share buybacks and/or special dividends, subject to a routine annual assessment.

Dividend history

Financial year

Payout date

Dividend per share

Total dividend payment

Cumulated since IPO


1.305 billion


April 6, 2023

€ 3.70

€305 million


March 28, 2022

€ 3.00

€ 267 million


October 8, 2021

€ 4.72

€ 420 million


March 12, 2021

€ 0.4551

€ 40 million


May 10, 2019

€ 2.1782

€ 215 million


May 17, 2018

€ 0.583

€ 58 million

*Represents dividend payments for financial years 2019 and 2020; distributed in 2021 due to ECB dividend restrictions related to the pandemic in 2020

Share buybacks

BAWAG Group executed two share buybacks since its listing in 2017 followed with a cancellation of shares:

  • In the fourth quarter 2019 we executed a € 400 million share buyback in the form of a tender offer.
  • In the second half 2022 BAWAG Group executed a buyback of € 325 million via Vienna Stock Exchange and multilateral trading facilities. 
  • In the fourth quarter 2023 BAWAG Group carried out a buyback of € 175 million via Vienna Stock Exchange and multilateral trading facilities.

Number of shares 

All BAWAG Group shares are common shares with each share representing one voting right. Following the execution of buybacks over the years, the number of shares decreased to 78,600,000.

Development of number of shares:

EventDateChangeNumber of shares
Capital reduction following share buybackDecember 18, 2023-3,900,00078,600,000
Capital reduction following share buybackDecember 6, 2022- 6,642,23782,500,000
Capital reduction following share buybackDecember 4, 2019- 10,857,76389,142,237
Share capital IPOOctober 25, 2017 100,000,000


How to notify BAWAG Group: 

BAWAG Group has not set any additional thresholds, therefore the regulatory thresholds apply for major sholding notifications. We kindly request any shareholder obliged to inform BAWAG Group about changes in their voting rights to contact us via e-mail (  

All major shareholder notifications are available here.