BAWAG P.S.K., the main operating subsidiary of BAWAG Group AG, is rated by Moody's Investors Service.


Long-term Senior Unsecured / Issuer RatingA2 (stable outlook)
Long-term Bank Deposits Rating
A2 (stable outlook)
Short-term Issuer / Bank Deposits RatingP-1
Baseline Credit Assessment (BCA)baa1
Senior Subordinate RatingBaa2
Junior senior unsecured debt rating
Public Sector Covered BondsAaa
Mortgage Covered BondsAaa

Status: 13.07.2021



Additional Tier 1                                                                        


Senior Subordinate Rating

Status: 18.03.2019

Credit Opinion

20210723 - Credit Opinion BAWAG P.S.K.
20210217 - Credit Opinion BAWAG P.S.K.
20200709 - Credit Opinion BAWAG P.S.K.

Company Profile

20210105 - Company Profile BAWAG P.S.K.

Other Publications

20210713 - Moody's takes rating actions on four Austrian banks following update to Banks Methodology
20210216 - Moody's announces completion of a periodic review of ratings of BAWAG Group AG, affirmed A2 rating
20190827 - Moody's assigns first-time junior senior unsecured debt rating of Baa2 to BAWAG P.S.K.
20190618 - Moody's affirms BAWAG P.S.K.'s A2 deposit ratings; changes outlook on deposit ratings to stable from positive
20190318 - Moody's assigns Baa2 subordinate debt Rating to BAWAG Group's proposed medium-term issuance
20180608 - Moody's assigns Counterparty Risk Ratings to 14 Austrian banks
20180601 - Moody's affirms BAWAG's A2 debt and deposit ratings; changes deposit rating outlook to positive from stable
20171018 - Moody's affirms BAWAG's long-term ratings at A2; changes outlook to stable from positive
20170524 - BAWAG P.S.K.'s announced acquisition of Südwestbank would expedite the bank's strategic expansion in Germany
20170420 - Moody's upgrades BAWAG P.S.K.'s ratings to A2; outlook positive
20170309 - BAWAG P.S.K.’s acquisition of Paylife’s consumer business is credit positive
20160704 - Issuer In-Depth: BAWAG P.S.K. - strong, sustainable profits buck trends in the Austrian banking sector
20150814 - Credit Focus: BAWAG P.S.K.'s improving profitability and capital ratios are credit positive
20150701 - Special Comment: Key analytic considerations in our rating actions on Austrian banks
20150701 - Moody's concludes reviews on 3 Austrian banking groups; takes action on another 2 institutions' ratings
20150701 - Moody's concludes reviews on 8 Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group member banks
20141215 - Moody's assigns Baa2 issuer ratings to BAWAG P.S.K.
20140529 - Moody's changes outlooks to negative on 82 long-term European bank ratings
20140416 - Moody's affirms BAWAG P.S.K's Baa2 ratings; outlook changed to positive
20131121 - BAWAG P.S.K.'s continued risk reduction and improved Basel III core capital ratio is credit positive