Analysts & Consensus Estimates

On this site we provide an overview of analysts covering BAWAG Group AG and the consensus of these analysts.

The opinions, estimates and forecasts of analysts are not opinions, estimates or forecasts of BAWAG Group AG’s management and do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell securities of BAWAG Group AG or its affiliates. By providing this overview, BAWAG Group does not endorse or concur with any of these opinions, estimates or forecasts. BAWAG Group AG will update the overview periodically but undertakes no obligation to do so. BAWAG Group AG did not verify any underlying research, figures respectively their correctness or accuracy and disclaims all liability with regards to the information provided in the overview.

The institutions listed below publish research reports on BAWAG Group. The list is not intended as a recommendation or solicitation to invest in the company.

AnalystTarget Price (€)RecommendationLast Update
Autonomous Research
Gabor Kemeny59.0OutperformApril 29, 2021
Simon Nellis52.5BuyMay 3, 2021
Erste Group
Thomas Unger38.5HoldJanuary 27, 2021
Goldman Sachs

Thomas Dewasmes
47.0NeutralApril 13, 2021
Johannes Thormann
53.0BuyApril 21, 2021
JP Morgan 

Mehmet Sevim52.0OverweightApril 26, 2021
Kepler Cheuvreux
Tobias Lukesch50.0BuyFebruary 9, 2021

Morgan Stanley

Izabel Dobreva

April 26, 2021

Raiffeisen Bank International

Jovan Sikimic

52.0BuyApril 13, 2021
Mate Nemes46.0BuyFebruary 9, 2021