VIENNA, Austria - January 23, 2020 – Qlick is further expanding its innovative credit offers in Germany: From now on, customers can insure their Qlick Credit against unforeseeable events such as death, unemployment and incapacity to work with the Qlick instalment protection, at favourable conditions. If, for example, you lose your job, you no longer need to worry about paying in installments. All offers can be concluded online within the existing digital customer journey. Credit Life is the partner for Qlick payment protection.

Unexpected situations can arise very quickly, which can significantly reduce household income. For example, hardly anyone is immune to prolonged illness or sudden unemployment. It's good if you don't have to worry about paying your obligations on time. Qlick now offers every borrower the chance to secure his or her personal loan with Qlick installment protection, in a fast, cheap and secure way. The offers include  term life insurance, disability insurance and unemployment insurance. The Qlick Installment Protection covers the remaining credit installments in the event of death or during incapacity to work or unemployment. The Qlick Installment Protection protects the borrower for the entire duration of the loan.

Insured against unforeseeable events

Roman Schida, Managing Director of Qlick, explains the motivation behind the development of Qlick Rate Protection: "We want to help our customers realize their dreams while offering them the highest possible protection. And this protection should also be readily available; therefore, our customers can not only complete their loan digitally in a few minutes, but also secure it at the same time with Qlick Rate Protection. The payment protection offers a very good and competitive service package at an attractive price.” Qlick thus offers one of the simplest and fastest closing processes on the market. This customer-friendliness plays an important role, because without insurance, income can quickly drop by up to 30 percent due to job loss or longer periods of illness. And in such phases, everyone is happy if at least the monthly obligations do not represent an additional burden. According to Andreas Schwarz, CEO of insurance partner Credit Life, the choice of cover can be based purely on the personal risk situation: "There is no health check or other barriers. With just a few clicks and depending on their needs, customers can select their risk modules and add them flexibly to the respective loan".


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