• Until end of the year: Professional asset management with a minimum investment of € 5,000 (instead of € 10,000)
  • Savity: tailor-made asset management for private investors

VIENNA, Austria - December  11, 2019 – After easybank, BAWAG P.S.K. now also offers its customers access to Savity's professional asset management services: "Following the first positive developments that we have seen at easybank over the past six months, we have decided to make Savity's asset management services digitally available to our customers at BAWAG P.S.K. at very attractive conditions. Until the end of the year, customers will be able to buy from a one-off investment of € 5,000 or more. This product lowers the barriers for personal investing by offering access to diversified, managed portfolios that can be adjusted to optimize changing market conditions," explains David O'Leary, Member of the Managing Board of BAWAG Group and responsible for Retail at BAWAG P.S.K.

Karin Kisling, Managing Director of Savity: "We are very proud and pleased to be able to offer our services to BAWAG P.S.K. customers, in addition to easybank customers. Savity provides access to assets that are not normally accessible to individuals and allows customers to choose an investment option that is fully in line with their values". It was only in June 2019 that BAWAG P.S.K. acquired 49% of the shares in Fintech Finventum, the founder of Savity Vermögensverwaltung GmbH (Savity).

BAWAG P.S.K. to offer access to Savity’s wealth management services to its customers in a simplified sign-up process

According to OeNB, around € 183 billion (as of June 30, 2019) of financial assets in Austria are held in cash and deposits. Given the current low interest rate environment coupled with higher inflation rates, there is an inherent real loss in value for customers. Robo-advisory is a promising product that provides customers with alternative ways to invest their savings. Before Robo-advisory, these types of services were provided by private wealth managers that charged relatively high fees and only accepted clients with a high net-worth. With modern technology, robo-advisors such as Savity are making it affordable and more obtainable for our customers to have access to professional wealth management. In addition to easybank, also BAWAG P.S.K. offers its customers access to the services of Savity. The minimum amount to be invested at Savity is € 10,000 – however, customers of BAWAG P.S.K. or easybank can take advantage of a limited-time offer until the end of the year and start with a reduced minimum investment of € 5,000. The fee for the entire range of services is fixed at only 0.99% incl. VAT of the invested amount per year. This fee includes asset management, all securities transactions, account and custody management as well as final taxation for Austrian private customers.

Step by step to individual tailor-made asset management

Savity takes a customer’s investment experience, income and wealth situation, risk tolerance, and investment horizon into consideration and develops a free personalized investment suggestion (Anlagevorschlag) from that knowledge. A unique feature that Savity offers vs. other robo-advisors is the opportunity for customers to choose an investment option that is aligned with their values and needs. Customers can choose three different unique investment strategies: “Savity Legends”, “Savity Classic” and “Savity Green”. “Savity Legends” allows customers with a more active approach to follow an investment strategy that is aligned with legendary investors. “Savity Classic” is a traditional and diversified portfolio which invests funds in a diversified strategy utilizing cost-effective exchange-traded funds (ETFs). “Savity Green” only invests customers’ money into ecologically, socially and governmentally (ESG) sustainable businesses and sectors. Once the customer reviews the investment suggestion from Savity and decides on which strategy to pursue they then will sign the offer and the account and custody account are opened - the entire sign-up process is 100% digital. After an account is created the customer transfers the funds into the clearing account. From there on Savity will ensure that the customer’s money is efficiently invested based on the chosen strategy. Savity informs BAWAG P.S.K. of which securities to buy and BAWAG P.S.K. executes the orders and holds the securities for the customer safely and securely.

Active account management

Fluctuations in the market always happen, and sometimes customers are too busy to constantly be checking ongoing market developments. One of the main benefits to putting your money with a wealth manager is that their team of experts are constantly monitoring the market – managing their clients’ risk and optimizing their portfolios. When market conditions change drastically, or new opportunities arise, Savity will adjust the customers’ portfolios accordingly.

Legal notice

The information does not constitute an offer, investment advice or recommendation to buy or sell. Depending on their product-specific design, financial instruments exhibit different levels of investment risk.


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