VIENNA, Austria - May 20, 2019 – easybank has successfully defended its top position at the Recommender Awards of the Austrian Financial Marketing Association ("FMVÖ"): for the ninth time in a row, easybank customers have been confirmed as the most satisfied customers of all direct, special and private banks in Austria, and are the most willing to recommend easybank to others. easybank is so far the only bank that can maintain its top position in one of the FMVÖ categories over such a long period of time. In addition, easybank has received FMVÖ’s quality label for excellent customer orientation again in 2019. The results are based on an Austria-wide survey of 8,000 customers of banks, insurance companies and building societies.

"It’s great that we have managed to maintain our position as the leading digital bank in Austria for the ninth time in a row. This year's FMVÖ award for "Best Direct Bank in Austria 2019" is once again a recognition for the team and at the same time clear mandate to continue our approach with innovative ideas in the upcoming years - targeted at simple and transparent products, modern technologies and excellent customer service," comments Sat Shah, CEO of easybank AG.

easybank was founded in 1997 as the first direct bank in Austria and today manages more than 1.3 million customer accounts. In line with the principles "one-stop, easy-to-use, innovative", easybank is the only direct bank in Austria to offer the complete range of services of a full-service bank, while at the same time being able to respond quickly to changes in the markets, new technologies and consumer trends thanks to its sales strategy, which is based on digital channels and partner networks. Innovation, digitization and fast market launches are the pillars of easybank's philosophy. In addition to its leading role in the area of digitalization, the direct bank is also setting environmentally friendly standards: Since the launch of the new easybank website in April 2018, customers have been able to register with the direct bank online, completely paperless.

The renowned Recommender Awards of FMVÖ were presented for the first time in 2007 and serve Austrian customers as orientation and financial institutions as benchmark. The results are based on a survey of 8,000 customers of banks, insurance companies and building societies. The awards are presented in eight categories to those financial institutions that have the most satisfied customers and are therefore recommended most frequently. In addition, all institutions that exceed the industry’s average NPS® ("Net Promoter Score") of the last five years by a certain threshold value (>5 % for "very good", >10 % for "excellent" or >15 % for "excellent" customer orientation) receive the FMVÖ Recommender quality label.


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