• THE ICON VIENNA is the new workplace for over 1,200 BAWAG Group employees
  • New, open office concept with fixed workstations, quiet rooms and collaborative working zones
  • Headquarters exclusively uses sustainable electricity supplied by easy green energy

VIENNA, Austria - March 6, 2019 – As of this week, the last tranche of 1,200 employees moved into the new headquarters at Vienna Central Station. BAWAG Group’s new address at Wiedner Gürtel 11 – located directly at Vienna Central Station – serves as the headquarters for the entire Group and is home to not only BAWAG P.S.K. but also easybank and start:bausparkasse. The relocation from the previous site in the historic Austrian Postal Savings Bank building designed by Otto Wagner to the ultra-modern work environment offered by THE ICON VIENNA marks the beginning of a new era for BAWAG Group.“By moving to a new headquarters, we are taking the next step in our transformation: BAWAG Group has developed into one of the most efficient and successful banks in Europe over the last several years. The relocation to a new, state-of-the-art office building gives our bank an image befitting our successful business model,” said Anas Abuzaakouk, CEO of BAWAG Group. “At our new headquarters, we want to provide the employees with an inspiring, top-quality work environment and a modern office concept. On top of that, the location offers excellent infrastructure.” BAWAG Group is also setting new standards in terms of sustainability with its new headquarters: The office tower exclusively uses green electricity.

Open office spanning 28,000 m² and 17 floors

BAWAG Group completed the relocation to the new headquarters at Vienna Central Station in two steps. “The first group of employees already moved into the building in mid-February, and the last employees moved in beginning of this week. The relocation took place on two weekends, because we wanted it to be as efficient as possible. Our employees left their old office on Friday and arrived at their new workplace on Monday, where everything they needed for work was ready and waiting for them,” explained Werner Rodax, Chief Operating Officer at BAWAG Group and the person responsible for the new headquarters and the relocation project. BAWAG Group created a new open office concept spanning a total of 28,000 m² spread out over 17 floors that combines a multitude of workplace amenities and an open office culture. According to Rodax, “Today, we work in a more project-oriented and efficient way than we did a few years ago. We wanted our new office concept to reflect this transformation and during the planning phase we put a lot of effort into examining the daily work routine of our employees and considering their needs. We knew from surveys that things like refuge spaces and areas for working on projects were important to them regarding the modern work environment. We incorporated these aspects into the final concept.

The employees have fixed workstations at BAWAG Group’s new headquarters. In addition to the meeting rooms, employees have access to “quiet rooms” that serve as private refuge spaces and can be used to do demanding work, which requires intense concentration, and confidential conversations. “We created ‘collaborative working zones’ on each floor for project work to facilitate agile working in our teams,” pointed out Rodax.

Family-friendliness is a top priority at the new BAWAG Group headquarters. BAWAG P.S.K.’s central locations have offered a company daycare center for over 40 years, and a new, state-of-the-art daycare center was built at the new headquarters, as well. In this way, BAWAG Group will continue to provide a family-friendly work environment in the future and support its employees in maintaining an optimal balance between career and family.

High quality of location, green electricity for the new headquarters

In addition to employee-related aspects, sustainability was also an important consideration in the planning of the new headquarters. The office tower in which BAWAG Group’s headquarters is located exclusively uses sustainable electricity supplied by easy green energy, a subsidiary of easybank. “Our electricity is supplied entirely by hydropower from Austria. This makes our business activities more sustainable and is in line with our social responsibility strategy,” emphasized Rodax.

In addition, the excellent accessibility of the location makes it much easier to get to work for many employees. “Many of our employees commute from the provinces to Vienna every day. The new headquarters is an asset for these employees in particular thanks to the connection to public transit,” added Rodax. In addition, THE ICON VIENNA, which was constructed by SIGNA Group, is the only office building with direct access to Vienna Central Station. BAWAG Group employees have easy access to numerous shops with extended business hours as well as food courts and a fitness studio.


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