VIENNA, 5 September 2018In recent years, BAWAG P.S.K. has transformed itself into a modern, innovative, efficient, and highly successful bank through the consistent strategic realignment of its business model. We feel that now is the right time to also reposition the BAWAG P.S.K. brand and adapt it to the changing market conditions. Therefore, after seven years, BAWAG P.S.K. is saying goodbye to the likeable folks at the FC Wohlenegg soccer club. BAWAG P.S.K. will distinguish itself from the competition to a greater degree in the future, but also stay true to itself. The new brand essence – financial well-being – will be the focus of our thoughts and actions in the future.

According to Claudia Lemlihi, head of Marketing Communication at BAWAG P.S.K., “This focus on people and their financial well-being will also be reflected in our communication. Our new advertising line is defined by a unique emotional closeness and will be a pleasant surprise for our customers!”

Financial well-being

We aim to make “financial well-being” tangible in all areas of the bank. This new brand essence was also a key element in the development of the new branch design, which will wow customers starting in the fall of 2018. Because particularly in its branches, BAWAG P.S.K. wants to show customers that they are valued, in good hands, and welcome with a concept that appeals to all five senses. The branches will be transformed into a place of encounter that will be brightly lit, modern, and natural. In addition, the expansion of our digital offerings will show that financial well-being is not limited to the physical world but also carries over to our online offerings and our eBanking.

Financial advantages for the customer

Even greater emphasis than ever before will be placed on financial advantages for the customer, which will be presented in a clear, straightforward, and friendly manner – by our customers. The central visual symbol will be a speech bubble. The new advertising line features clear, focused messages and product solutions, and emphasizes how life can be made a bit more carefree with better answers. The bank is presenting itself with a concept that is entirely positive and life-affirming. Because we have “Bessere Antworten Wie Alles Geht!” This is our new claim, which is creatively formed from the letters BAWAG and roughly translates to “better answers for how things work.” It also represents a promise we are currently making all over Austria with ads, posters, on TV, and, of course, before long in the new branches, as well.

Return to Dirnberger de Felice Grüber

The new BAWAG P.S.K. campaign was created and realized by Dirnberger de Felice Grüber. The agency, which was already responsible for developing the bank’s communication activities from 2010 to 2017, won back the BAWAG P.S.K. communication account in 2018 under the new leadership of Christian Schmid (Consulting), Christian Barylli (CD Copy), and Emmanuel Torres (CD Art), and developed the new campaign based on an idea by Peter Dirnberger.

Peter Dirnberger, managing director of the Dirnberger de Felice Grüber ad agency, had the following comment: “It’s high time that we free banks from pathos in their communication and speak in a straightforward, solution-oriented manner. Consumers deserve concrete answers and ideas that help solve their problems, not ingratiating self-promotion.”



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