Investor Day 2021

On September 20, 2021 BAWAG Group will host its inaugural investor day following the IPO in October 2017. We will take stock on what we have achieved to-date and more importantly focus on future plans. We will also present new targets and a 4-year plan through 2025.

Given the current COVID-19-situation, we will hold the event virtually. We are looking forward to hosting you soon.


To ensure we provide for an engaging discussion and access across multiple time zones, we will organize the day as follows:

07:00am CEST: Release of investor day documents

10:00 am CEST: Management Board presentation
Our six Management Board Members will give a presentation providing you an overview of our strategy, what has been achieved to date and our updated targets and plans over the next four years through 2025.

04:00pm CEST: Q&A
During our Q&A session, the Management Board Members will be available for answering your questions. To submit questions, we will provide access to a Q&A portal.

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The presentation of the members of the Management Board starts at 10:00am CEST.

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The Q&A session starts at 04:00pm CEST. To join and to submit question via the Q&A tool, please click here:

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