Financial Calendar


26 January 2021

Start of the quiet period

09 February 2021Preliminary FY 2020 results 
21 February 2021Record date for the Extraordinary General Meeting
03 March 2021Extraordinary General Meeting (virtual)
05 March 2021
Publication of the Consolidated Annual Report 2020
10 March 2021Dividend ex-date*
11 March 2021Dividend record date*
12 March 2021Dividend payment date*
CW 16Start of the quiet period
CW 18Results Q1 2021
CW 29Start of the quiet period
CW 31Results H1 2021
H2 2021Record date for the Ordinary Annual General Meeting 2021
H2 2021Annual General Meeting 2021
CW 42Start of the quiet period
CW 44Results Q3 2021
Remaining 2019
and 2020 dividend*
Dividend ex-date
Dividend record date
Dividend payment date

*Given the most recent ECB recommendation from December 2020, a down payment of € 40 million on the total € 460 million earmarked dividend will be proposed to the extraordinary general meeting during the first quarter 2021, with the remaining € 420 million dividend to be paid in the fourth quarter 2021, subject to shareholder and regulatory approvals. The extraordinary general meeting, which will decide on the down payment € 40 million, will take place on March 3, 2021. The ordinary annual general meeting, in which the remaining € 420 million will be resolved upon, will be postponed to H2 ‘21.

Note: All future dates listed here are tentative and may be changed throughout the course of the year. 

Last change: 10.02.2021