IR Roadshows and Conferences


January 20, 2021

20th German Corporate conference (Kepler Chevreux)

February 09, 2021
Digital one-on-one and Group Meetings
March 05, 2021Extraordinary General Meeting (virtual:
Week of March 08, 2021Digital one-on-one and Group Meetings
March 17, 2021Morgan Stanley European Financials conference
April 08, 2021Austrian Equity Days of Kepler Chevreux & Vienna Stock Exchange
April 12, 2021Virtual RCB conference
April 26, 2021Digital one-on-one and Group Meetings after Q1 results
May 05, 2021Goldman Sachs small/mid-cap symposium
May 12, 2021KBW European Financials conference
UBS small/mid-cap conference
June 09, 2021Goldman Sachs European Financials conference
July 26, 2021Digital one-on-one and Group Meetings
September 20, 2021Investor Day
September 22, 2021BAML conference
September 23, 202118th Bernstein Strategic Decision Conference
September 27, 2021Scandinavia roadshow
September 27, 2021
Benelux roadshow
September 28, 2021
US and UK roadshow
September 28, 2021
France, Spain, Italy roadshow
September 29, 2021
Asia / Australia roadshow
October 01, 2021Mid-East roadshow
October 04, 2021Germany roadshow
October 05, 2021Switzerland roadshow
November 22-25, 2021Citi Pan-Asia conference

Note: All future dates listed here may be changed throughout the course of the year and roadshows/conferences will be added on an ongoing basis.

Last change: September 21, 2021