IR Roadshows and Conferences


20 January 2021

20th German Corporate conference (Kepler Chevreux)

9 February 2021
Digital one-on-one and Group Meetings
5 March 2021Extraordinary General Meeting (virtual:
Week of 8 March 2021Digital one-on-one and Group Meetings
17 March 2021Morgan Stanley European Financials conference
8 April 2021Austrian Equity Days of Kepler Chevreux & Vienna Stock Exchange
12 April 2021Virtual RCB conference
Week of 8 April 2021Digital one-on-one and Group Meetings after Q1 results
12 May 2021KBW European Financials conference
UBS small/mid-cap conference
9 June 2021Goldman Sachs European Financials conference
16 September 2021Citi small/mid-cap conference
22 September 2021BAML conference
22-25 November 2021Citi Pan-Asia conference

Note: All future dates listed here may be changed throughout the course of the year and roadshows/conferences will be added on an ongoing basis.

Last change: 08.02.2021